Mizizi Africa uses big data to personalize homes

Mizizi Africa Homes Limited > Blog > Mizizi Africa uses big data to personalize homes
Mizizi Africa Homes Limited > Blog > Mizizi Africa uses big data to personalize homes

Mizizi Africa uses big data to personalize homes

As the digital universe expands, local real estate firm Mizizi Africa Homes has announced its plans of deploying big data to boost the efficiency of its operations and offer custom solutions to prospective homeowners.  

Big data is extremely large data sets that may be analysed via computer  to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behaviour. 

The developer will be seeking to understand existing and new clients better by analysing their dream home preferences, purchase history and financial status to help it make more intelligent recommendations on personalised products and pricing structure.

“Our plan is to ensure that we provide customers with the services they need at affordable cost. We believe by analysing and processing information about homeowners, we will be able to personalise our offerings,” says Mizizi Africa Finance and Operations Director, George Mburu.

Under the new plan, the firm, which offers affordable off-plan homes, will be monitoring social networks using big data algorithms to complement traditional customer history. This will help in collecting more information to support predictive analysis that will guide the firm in making better business decisions.

“We seek to foster and strengthen customer engagement, trust, and loyalty in line with our commitment to involve prospective buyers in the entire construction process and offering competitive prices on properties,” says Mburu.

He says big data is a game-changer for the real estate industry as it helps to automate dataset analysis from various sources and in the real estate industry.

“This technology will be a boon for ordinary users and entrepreneurs,” he says. 

 He says real estate companies should embrace big data technology as it reduces risks, offers faster property evaluations, accurate appraisal and is an enhanced marketing strategy. It improves customers’ engagement, too.

“For our customers, this will help because it can be applied to evaluate different properties according to multiple parameters and suggest the most suitable one,” Mburu adds. 

 Mzizi was ranked as the most improved real estate developer in the use of digital solutions during the third digital tech excellence awards held recently.

Organised by Digital Events, the awards recognises SMEs and corporates making use of digital solutions to offer services in an efficient and convenient manner. 

Projects underway include three-bedroomed bungalows in Kiambu county at Ngoingwa, Torah, Kiahuria and Gatundu.

Article Courtesy of People Daily

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