Our Team


Stephen Waiganjo - Chairman

Mr. Waiganjo an Alumni of University of Nairobi where he pursued Economics, he has vast experience in Leadership & Management
He has work experience both in public & private sector running into several decades.

Mr. Waiganjo is also a successful investor & entrepreneur with interests cutting across the various money markets & other businesses, including a fleet of transportation vehicles & engaged in leasing of stone quarries providing Mizizi Africa Homes Ltd with subsidized quality materials thus assist in cutting down the cost of construction down with up to 40%. His biggest dream is for all people to acquire quality homes at an affordable price as well as work to equip the youth to explore their full potential.


Mr. Peter Mwangi - Executive Board Member

Mr. Peter Mwangi holds a degree in Education from Kenyatta university as well as a diploma in Leadership and management skills. He has managerial skills having worked as a principal for over 30 years. Mr. Mwangi has been a board member for one of the leading Sacco’s in Kenya, a position which has gained him a lot of experience especially on corporate governance. He is passionate about construction and has spearheaded various construction projects successfully from the initial stages to closure.


Mr. Ben Thuku - Executive Board Member

Mr. Ben Thuku , is teacher by profession, he holds a degree in Education from Kenyatta university. His passion in properties has seen him engage in buying & selling of Land for many years which has really helped many people acquire land as well as earned him experience in land negotiations and a keen eye for good land as well as vast experience in the land acquisition process in Kenya from suitable land identification to title handover.


George Mburu - Finance & Operations Director,

Mr. George Mburu is holds CPA(K) & currently pursuing a degree in Business Management. He has vast experience in the Finance & Operations fields having worked as a Financial & Operations consultant for over 10 years in various sectors including; Banking, Manufacturing, Hotel & Hospitality Industries as well as Construction & Real Estate not to mention the Education sector among others.

He is very conversant with Matters; Taxation, Cost Accounting, Financial accounting, Planning & Budgetary allocation as well as Corporate governance and CSR. Mr. Mburu is passionate about real estate as the single most industry that can offers the most Return on Investment if properly managed. Mizizi Africa Homes Limited is privileged to work with him and aims to tap on to his expertise as we appreciate his honest and hardworking nature.


Mr. Elijah Gathogo - Sales & Marketing Director

 Mr. Elijah Gathogo brings on board a huge Sales & Marketing experience having worked in various real estate organizations, growing ranks from a Business Development Officer to leading a Sales team with over 100 sales agents as the Manager and moving sales in volumes in some of the leading real estate companies in Kenya. Mr Gathogo has a keen eye on talent acquisition and Mizizi Africa Homes Ltd is privileged to have him on board.


Mr. Peter Mungai - Construction & Project Management Director

Mr. Peter Mungai is a professional interior designer with vast experience in interior design & works closely with a team of highly qualified architects, Q’s & structural engineers, under his docket together with a team of highly qualified experts in the construction industry with same having experience running into over 3 decades. Mr. Mungai is every enthusiastic about construction & Development and We as Mizizi Africa Homes Ltd are honoured to have him on board.