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Avail Land to Private Developers To Help Fix Housing Deficit

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Mizizi Africa Homes wants the government to avail land to private developers to accelerate efforts of bridging the country’s housing deficit. The infrastructural support under public-private partnership, Mizizi Africa Homes CEO, George Mburu said will encourage developers to put up more affordable housing units and help the government meet its ambitious target of 500,000 by…

Mizizi Africa Homes Unveils WhatsApp Chatbot to Enhance Customer Support

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Mizizi Africa Homes has launched a WhatsApp Chatbot to enhance the ability of customers to match their affordable dream-house searches remotely. The developer said this improved service leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to allow customers to interact directly with the company’s projects and access services across different parts of the country and the world with minimal…

Why Own A Home With Mizizi Africa Homes?

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If you have to choose a developer that would provide you with your forever home, who would you choose? Would you choose one that gives you a place with the smallest space? Or one that overcharges you by not providing enough value? Maybe you would pick one that is in a horrible location that is…

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