From Dream To Reality

Mizizi Africa Homes Ltd is a fast growing property developing Kenyan company that offers homes & investment solutions that are pocket-friendly, high quality and timely.

The strategy is to bring on board like-minded individual with the desire to grow to achieve high returns on investment as well as the need for homes in strategic areas which would otherwise be a pipe dream.

We have pulled together a team of highly qualified &experienced professionals from all fields in order to realize this dream. This includes but not limited to Architects, Surveyors, Financial experts, Business executives & I.T experts, Lawyers, Supervisors & other construction staff as well as working in conjunction with all relevant government authorities.

Our commitment is to be true to our word, our partners as we together build a solid foundation for our families & the future generation.

Currently we are offering 3 Bedroom Bungalows  along Kenyatta Road exit 14 off Thika Superhighway, 25 minutes drive from Nairobi CBD, 0.5km off the tarmac on an all-weather road. 

Mission, Vision & Objectives

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.

Our Mission

We offer tailor made solutions to potential home owners as well as investors seeking a trustworthy partner to maximize on their R.O.I within the shortest time possible.

Our Vision

To be the solution provider to quality & Affordable Homes as well as the best investment vehicle in the whole of Africa.

Our Objectives

By the end of our working engagement each party should satisfactorily have met their solutions in terms of Quality home or a High R.O.I

Core Values

  • D- Discipline & Determination
  • I- Integrity & Innovation
  • T- Timeliness
  • D- Delivery

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Affordable: We are an innovator and investor in affordable homes. We do this because affordable homes not only provide a fundamental human right, they unleash unimaginable human potential to shape a future of gender parity, climate resilience, clean air, renewable energy and socio-economic justice.

Why Invest in a Home: Homeownership is easily one of the most common aspects of what is referred to as the Kenyan Dream. The most exciting thing about the goal of homeownership is how different it looks for every person, couple or family. Every motivation for dreaming of and aspiring to own a home is valuable, and more importantly – attainable! If you’re just starting out and weighing the options of renting versus buying, or hoping to start (or grow) your family, the benefits of owning a place to call home are everlasting.

Deliver: We set out to deliver homes in less than 12 months, at an affordable rate, in a secure and serene environment. we are passionate about quality of product/service and meeting of set deadlines. We understand just how difficult it is for many people to own a home, despite this being a dream for most Kenyans. It is our desire to help all our customers achieve their ambitions in the right way.

Quality: We provide a home that definitely represents ‘true value’ and quality, a home that you will be happy to call your own. It gives us great satisfaction to create and construct homes for our clients. Seeing the excitement and gratitude on their face when we hand them the keys solidifies our vision and reinforces the values that we uphold. This is the reason why we love what we do!