Owning a home in Kenya’s coastal region has now been made easier by the country’s leading real estate company Mizizi Africa Homes Limited

The company which is best renowned for offering homes and investment solutions that are pocket-friendly, high quality, and delivered on time has embarked on its new project in Kwale County in Diani where any potential homeowner can invest.

Dubbed Kijani Kibichi Estate Diani, the project sits on a two-and-a-half-acre piece of land and will accommodate 20 housing units comprising of 3- and 5-bedroom Villas.

“We identified there is a huge demand or a need for affordable housing, or basically for housing for the people who are coming down to the coastal region to bring their families to come for holidays,” the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer George Mburu said during the Capital Business tour of the project at the site.

The uptake of the project has been encouraging with twelve units having already been sold, eight are remaining.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and the Ukunda airstrip are in close proximity to the project making it a perfect holiday home.

A unit depending on the desires of the owner can be converted into a homestay for vacation rentals owing to the region’s rich cultural heritage and also proximity to the Indian Ocean creating demand for retail facilities, luxury dwellings, and accommodation facilities.

“We are the first real estate company that is doing affordable housing at the coastal region and the uptake has really been very encouraging since we started the project,” he said.

The project started in January 2022 with Mburu projecting that its completion date will be on October or September 2022.

With the coastal region being Kenya’s biggest tourist destination site, Mburu noted that the project offers a noteworthy investment opportunity to potential homeowners.

“A return on investment of this project is not in doubt especially with this region being a major tourist destination hub,” he said adding that the company will be managing the project to ensure its smooth operations.

The project will have an expansive commercial center that will have shops and other amenities, a swimming pool, and a parking lot.

Mizizi will be managing the project to ensure a smooth running of operations,” Mburu said.

With a cash price of Sh4.95 million or Sh5.25 million with an Sh2 million deposit, you can be able to have a 3-bedroom villa.

The 5-bedroom villa sells at Sh6.75 million or Sh6.95 million with an Sh3 million deposit.

The remaining balance is to be paid in 10 monthly installments.

The company was in 2021 recognized as the most preferred low-cost residential developer in during 4th Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards.

The Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards celebrates key players in various areas of the real estate sector, who have over the years achieved excellence results and positively impacted the lives of their clients.

Miziz Africa Homes is a a leading Real Estate company in Kenya offering homes and investment solutions that are affordable, high quality and timely delivery. Our commitment is to be true to our word, our partners as we together build a solid foundation for our families & the future generation.